2024-2025 Coach Application (Garden City Minor Hockey)

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Garden City Minor Hockey Association (GCMHA)

Head Coach Application Form

The head coach selection process is an extremely crucial part of the responsibility of the Executive committee. This decision impacts its players in their development, their growth, and their enjoyment of the game. It also impacts the families of these players, the community and the image and reputation of the GCMHA and its members. Coaches are required to meet and support the Association expectations as set out below, in addition to complying with the GCMHA and its members By-Law and Rules of Operations. Persons interested in applying for a Coaching position should consider these before submitting their Application.



1 - Conduct

GMHA and its members are committed to compliance with its “Code of Conduct”. The Code of Conduct identifies the standard of behaviour which GCMHA expects of all members including the coaching staff. 

Members and participants of GCMHA will:

·         Conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with values demonstrating fairness, integrity and mutual respect.

·         Avoid behaviour, which brings GCMHA or the sport of hockey into disrepute, including but not limited to abusive use of alcohol, use of non-medical drugs and use of alcohol by minors.

·         Refrain from comments or behaviours, which are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist. In particular, behaviour which constitutes harassment or abuse will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with under the OMHA’s Harassment and Abuse Policy.

·         Maintain communication with Executive, to ensure that Association can assist in the resolution of difficulties at an early stage, and improve overall hockey program on an ongoing basis.

·         Comply with ALL mandated policies, activities and procedures designated by the Coach Mentor, the Technical Coordinator and the Executive.


Failure to comply with these expectations or the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action.  Such action may result in the member losing all privileges, which come with membership in the Association including the opportunity to participate in GCMHA /OMHA activities and events, both present and future.

2 - Leadership

The Coach’s responsibilities as team leader include:


·                  Seasonal and intermittent goals and objectives for the team.

·                  Development of abilities, personal (leadership, mentoring, cooperation) and individual skills (personal objectives i.e. shots on goal, checks etc.).

·                  Demonstrative behaviour as a role-model, encourager and sincere and unbiased instructor.

·                  Selection of support staff (manager, parent reps etc) that meet the GCMHA and its members standards and approval.

·                  Establishing a safety action plan for the team.

·                  Strengthen relationships and build teamwork.

·                  Successful applicants shall attend the Garden City Minor Hockey Associations Annual General Meeting.


3 - Instruction

The Coach’s responsibility as instructor/ teacher include:

·                  Teach hockey skills appropriate to the age.

·                  Teach using the proper sequences and progressions.

·                  Communicate to players in appropriate language and tones.

·                  Teach to players varied learning styles, aptitudes and levels of ability.

·                  Providing a disciplined environment for the player to learn and grow in.

·                  Teach the GCMHA and its members strategies and objectives at each level.

·                  Planning effective practices well in advance of actual practice times.

·                  Attending all in house, coaching clinics.


4 - Coach as Risk and Conflict Manager

The Coach’s responsibilities to ensure maximum safety and minimum conflict include:

·                  Proper supervision in dressing rooms and on ice at all times.

·                  Review player equipment on a regular basis for defects and advise parents.

·                  Report any abuse to the Executive.

·                  Quickly resolve disagreements and increase team unity.


The intent of the program is to put the best available coaches on the ice with the players.   A coach may be removed from his/her position at any time if it is determined they are not meeting the expectations of the Board of Directors or if they fail to comply with the above expectations, they may be relieved of their position immediately by the Executive.

All applications will be reviewed. Due to the pandemic not all applicants will receive an interview. 

Should my application be accepted and approved by Garden City Minor Hockey Association:

A) I agree to commit myself faithfully and meet the expectations GCMHA and its members has of its Coaches, to teach sportsmanship and fair play within all my players. I will be a good role model that all my players can look up to.

B) I hereby agree to adhere to GCMHA and it's members By-Law, Rules of Operation guidelines and philosophies set forth by the GCMHA and its members, it's Development Coordinator, conveners and committees. Failure to comply may result in termination or other consequence deemed suitable by the Executive.

C) I understand and agree that the Head Coach bears ultimate responsibility for any and all team staff conduct or lack of performance in their duties. It is also understood that all signing parties are subject to discipline or suspension at the GCMHA discretion.

D) I acknowledge that as a coach I must have the required levels as mandated by the Ontario Minor Hockey Asociation and will ensure my team staff will meet these certification standards.

E) I understand that failure to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the OMHA and specially GCMHA and its members will result in my immediate dismissal.

F) As a condition of being selected, I understand I must consent to a Vulnerable Police Check and meet requirements set out in GCMHA and its members Policy on Volunteer Screening.

Everyone applying for Head Coach position must complete the 2024-2025 Coach Application

Application deadline is  9:00 pm on January 15, 2024                         
Applicants will be contacted by the coaching selection committee to set up an interview. 


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