Individual Awards (Garden City Minor Hockey)

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Individual awards are presented to the individual GCMHA player who best demonstrates the awards criteria over the course of the season. Coaches nominate players for these awards; final selection of winners is the responsibility of the Board.

• Cheryl Olsen Spirit of Hockey Award
• Kelly Douglas Award
• Norm Mussat Award
• Anna Mol Rookie of the Year Award
• Brian Bellow Award
• Sam Torlone Award
• Bronco Horvath

This award is presented to a U9 player who has demonstrated sportsmanlike play and has made significant improvement in his or her hockey skills over the course of the season. This player has been eager to learn and has set an example for his or her teammates by respecting the coaching staff and doing his or her best at all times. This award is presented to the player that, like the person the award is named after, is committed to the spirit of hockey.

Selected by each U9 teams Head Coach. cherylolsenaward.

This award is presented in memory of Kelly Douglas, outstanding goaltender for SCMHA and the Jr. B Falcons. Criteria for winning this award include: overall excellence and "clutch" performance in playoffs, team spirit, sportsmanship, and a positive attitude for the game. The recipient also must demonstrate the obvious enjoyment Kelly had for the game – he truly was fun and entertaining to watch. From his rookie season through to his Midget year, Kelly demonstrated determination and passion for the sport of hockey.

The head coach of each team submits a nomination; after reviewing all nominees from all teams the Awards Committee will select one winner. kelly_douglas_award2.

The Norm Mussat Award is presented to a player who demonstrates a positive attitude on and off the ice, and who has a desire to excel, is self-motivated, and has heart. This player is NOT  the MVP, but is, rather, one that sometimes goes without recognition because they may fall short in the other awards categories. This is a very important award that does not belong to the person with the most talent or skill, but to the player with the most dedication and spirit, someone who could be depended upon to be present at each and every game, a player who works with the coach and his teammates for the good of the team.

The head coach of each team submits a nomination; after reviewing all nominees from all teams the Awards Committee will select one winner. Download Nomination Form.

This award is presented to a first year U10 player who is proficient in the basic skills of hockey and shows marked improvement throughout the year. The player competes well within the framework of fair play and sportsmanship. This individual works hard, is disciplined and is a reliable, strong member of the team.

Selected by each Novice Team Head Coach. annamolrookieoftheyear_(3)

The Brian Bellows award is given to a U16 AA and A player who demonstrates a high level of achievement both on and off the ice. The player not only has to demonstrate hard work and leadership, he must also be respected by his peers. This is a player who is involved in high school activities and maintains an honours level in school.

Selected by each U16 Head Coach. brianbellowsaward.

The Sam Torlone Award is presented to the goaltending tandem who have demonstrated sound, consistent abilities throughout the season. They are selected as the best over the previous year based on games played, age group, level of competition, saves percentages, goals against average and shots on goal. Goalies are, at times, the forgotten players on a team. They are the players who, if the team loses, usually take the loss the hardest. They are the players who, if the team wins, always feel they could have done better. They are an entity of their own, players with no set linemates, no one other than their partners that they can relate to. A goalie is someone who is usually the backbone of the team, because without good goaltending, a team’s success is in jeopardy. Sam Torlone was a great participant in minor hockey in St. Catharines. His love was goaltending and he channelled his efforts to improving the goaltenders lot in life.

Nominated by each Head Coach; after reviewing all nominees from all teams the Awards Committee will select one winner. Download Nomination Form.



In his honour, GCMHA has set up a $500.00 bursary award towards post-secondary education.  The recipient of this award will be a graduating U18 player currently with GCMHA.  He/she will be an outstanding team player who exemplifies strong educational values and academic grades.  They will possess and promote good character on and off the ice and is active in the community (please include a short write-up and the grade point average of the recipient).  broncohorvath